Short & Sweet

by Jumbo Rollers




This is the first release from the Jumbo Rollers..titled.."Short & Sweet"


released November 1, 2011

Johnny Rock: Vocals/Guitar..Pete Desnoyers: Guitar/Vocals..Richard Powell: Bass...Larry Stewart: Drums.....Recorded@ Taxciter Industries



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Jumbo Rollers Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Jumbo Rollers are original rock & roll out on a limb from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The follow up to "What's All The Hubbub?"...."Smokey Rabbit Hole" available October 2014!

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Track Name: Gliding with the Angels
Gliding with the Angels
Got my my flashlight
Down in the graveyard
All of the days..all of the days
Kissing on the subway
Just on my way..just on my way
On the boulevard..on the boulevard

Broken road..but I can fill the holes
Whoops, hey kids there goes another soul

Lyrics: John Rochford
Track Name: Two of a Kind
Sometimes you call me..
down in the undergroud.
Next thing I know..
your right behind me.
Asking me..
who I'm seeing.
Well thier saying we're just two of a kind..
what's yours honey is mine.

Tonight the city is frozen..
inside and out.
I can see the twinkle in your eye..
as we cross our fingers and die
Well thier saying we're just two of a kind..
what's yours honey is mine.

And now the morning comes..
look out my window and see.
One angel trying too rescue me..
but the devil's saying no no no.
Well thier saying we're just two of a kind..
what's yours honey is mine.
Well I think we're just the living kind...
Track Name: Needle & Cross
I been down for ahile
Nother kid white in the veins
One more downtown mystery train
Looking for a girl called cain...girl called cain

Nother down circus wheel
Very pretty but we don't feel
Silent hymns & trolley fares
One more kiss we're almost there...almost there

Late night taxi's
Limo's on the scene
Hey let's take a ride downtown
One more time

Nother opus blood spurt
Through the needle & the cross
One more time gone forever
One more night on the cross

Lyrics: John Rochford