Jumbo Rollers Live in Studio @ Music Makers

by Jumbo Rollers

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Jumbo Rollers recorded Live in Studio @ Music Makers in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Engineer: Robert Cross
Special Thanks to Drew and Deegee Thow, Henry Whelchel and Beth Austin.


released April 1, 2012

Out in the Streets-Lyrics and Music: John Rochford
Occupy-Lyrics: John Rochford Music: Pete Desnoyers
Dark Blues-Music and Lyrics: Richard Powel
Pill Box- Music and Lyrics: John Rochford



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Jumbo Rollers Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Jumbo Rollers are original rock & roll out on a limb from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The follow up to "What's All The Hubbub?"...."Smokey Rabbit Hole" available October 2014!

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Track Name: Out in the Streets
I know where ya been
Over in Chelsea again
At the St Marks Hotel
Yeah we got a room for two

Well shes street smart and savvy
But dont call her a whore
Shes always my right pocket
Sometimes a little more

Out in the Streets
Looking in the windows
Out in the Streets
Hiding from the world

When she closes the shop at night
We go walking hand in hand
Lets me scream at the world
Lets me be who I am

When I look into her eyes
Pinballs bouncing all around
Gettimg mighty cold in Action City
But its hard too put it down

Well she says we don't have long
Won't I sing her one more song
Something pretty and sweet
About how we used to be
Track Name: Pill Box
Meet me over at Grace Church
Do alot of drugs and never go ta work
Another dirty dirty day
Wake up on the steets and lets just play

We'll hit the streets in seconds flat
Wont be no turning back
Hey Hey I got a pill box
Hey Hey can I get a hit
Hey Hey I got a pill box
Whoa no had enough of that shit

Meet me over at St. Marks Church
They got alot of benches, we can shot the works
Sitting over on dead mans hill
Looking at the stars and planning a thrill

This song is dedicated to: Michael "Smitty" Smith
R.I.P. my Brother.
Track Name: Dark Blues
I got a dark feeling in my heart
I got a dark feeling in my heart
My baby left me and shes not coming back

I got the blues running thtough my veins
I got the blues running through my veins
My baby cut me and I'm bleeding dark blue

I been a bad bad man
I been a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad man
My baby was happy and now shes sad

I got a love that just wont die
I got a love that just wont die
My baby told me..she told me goodbye
Track Name: Occupy
Cant save a nickel cant save a dime
B of A got me working over time
Military complex such a heavy hand
Getting pepper sprayed trying ta make a stand


Five thousand americans done dead
Johnny wont come marching home
Million iraqis dead in the grave
Never gone be an american slave

Holding on to the american dream
The whole fucking things a blood curdled scream
Drowing in a world of debt
Can this be the worst of it?